American Hat Co Felt 6X White 4" 1/4 Brim 2 Cord band

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 About: The cowboy hat is the most iconic symbol of the western way of life in the world. American Hats are made by hand in Bowie, Texas and have been the ultimate standard since 1915. American fur felts are made from the highest quality furs available and specifically blended to the American Hat Company specifications. Every one of our American Company hats proudly displays an American flag no matter which trim you choose. 

The shape: A Jobes Hats master hatter trained and supervised by Jobe Sanchez  will custom shape your hat. Choose you hat shape from the drop-down menu. For details about the shapes please take a look at the shape guide available in the tabs below or, for a closer view visit Jobe's Shapes page. If you want a different custom shape than the ones exibited below, please choose "other" and fill out the form. That will help us understand what shape you want and contact you for further details.

Size: For details about the size please see our sizing guide.

Free gift: With the purchase of an "American Hat Company" hat you will receive a free "American Hat Company" patch and a "Jobe's Hats" patch that will complement your look.



Color: White 

Trim: 2 Cord band 
Brim: 4 1/4 Brim

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